We provide secure transportation of medical-grade cannabis and equipment to all licensed cannabis businesses across the state of Mississippi. 


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CHOMS provides the transportation of your product from business to business all while keeping your investment safe, secure and on time! We range from processed products, harvested flower, clones, and specialty products in a environment controlled area. Whether the product is coming or going in all stages of its development, we can handle it. ON TIME, ON TARGET!


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We provide services to transport your equipment or supplies if needed. We understand there are needs for your business to make it functional. Need supplies for your grow operation, new equipment for your production line, or just some packaging supplies from a warehouse? We got you!


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With every production, comes waste that MUST be disposed of properly. Schedule your waste pickups/deliveries with us to ensure it gets to the appropriate facility and you stay compliant within the regulations.

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 If you need your product, equipment or supplies to be on standby temporarily, then CHOMS secure facility can house  them all while being in a temperature controlled environment and secure. Warehousing helps to assist get things moving in the right direction. We can collect, organize and distribute to your needs and this can also reduce your costs of transportation. When we compile larger orders of 1 business or multiple businesses that are going in the same general area, this reduces costs for all, in return making your profits larger.