CHOMS Transport

More than just another transportation company.

We could sit back and say, that we are fully licensed, insured, secure and compliant within the regulations….which is actually true. But that’s not what CHOMS is only about.

A family owned business nestled in Panola County, MS. We are an energetic team ready to get after it and bring vigor and a unique professionalism to the industry. We are honest, approachable and tactful.

Ever work with someone that didn’t come through and then places the blame elsewhere?.. Yea, we have too and it’s typically not a relationship you tend to keep. We are in the business of building and keeping relationships. Relationships you can trust, depend on and grow with. With a veteran leading the assault and to ensure we are “on time, on target”, CHOMS transport is your path of least resistance!


do we serve?

CHOMS Transport serves all Cannabis licensed businesses across the state of Mississippi.


do we do?

We provide secure transportation of medical-grade cannabis and equipment. We will transport to all licensed cannabis businesses across the state of Mississippi. We ensure all transports are tracked, secure, and discreet. We can store your products within our secure facility pending final delivery.


are we unique?

Many businesses have focused their craft on creating high-quality products. CHOMS Transport is dedicated to protecting those large investments during transport to its next destination by providing high-quality service.